Battle of Yavin

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Battle before: Great Jedi Purge
Battle after: Battle of Hoth
Battle of Yavin
ConflictGalactic Civil War
Date0 BBY
PlaceDeath Star (near Yavin)
ResultAlliance victory
Galactic Empire Rebel Alliance
Grand Moff Tarkin
Darth Vader
Admiral Motti
High General Tagge
Jan Dodonna
Garven Dreis (Red Leader)
John Vander (Gold Leader)
Nearly the entire complement of the Death Star, numbering at least 500,000 Imperial officers 27 pilots

The Battle of Yavin was a major battle set in the fictional Star Wars universe, during the Galactic Civil War. The opposing sides were the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The battle was the climactic scene of the 1977 film Star Wars (now known as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope), and was based heavily on the battle scenes in the British war film The Dam Busters.

The battle was arranged after the crew and passengers of the Millennium Falcon seemingly successfully rescued Princess Leia Organa from the Death Star, along with detailed technical plans of the massive space station. However, as Leia suspected, they were actually allowed to escape by the Empire so as to lead the Empire to the main Rebel base which turned out to be on the fourth moon of Yavin.

Studying the plans, the Rebels learned that the station had a small exhaust port which led to the main reactor, allowing a missile to reach the main reactor and destroy the station. However, the port was only 2 meters wide and situated in a narrow trench protected by enemy turbolaser batteries. The trench would have to be navigated through to allow the Rebel targeting system to lock on to the port. Furthermore, the port was ray shielded so only proton torpedoes could be used. There was little confidence that the weakness could be exploited in such conditions.

The Death Star soon arrived at Yavin, however, and prepared to fire its main weapon, which would destroy the Rebel base. A fleet of some 30 X-Wing and Y-Wing starfighters, which included Luke Skywalker (designated Red 5) as a pilot scrambled to assault the station. The Death Star attempted to use its batteries to defend itself, but the defences were designed to fight off primarily capital ships, not the small and agile Rebel starfighters. The station commander, Grand Moff Tarkin dismissed the attack as futile and refused to deploy the station's vast TIE squadrons. But Darth Vader, realizing the threat this force was, ordered his personal fighter squadron to scramble on his own authority. The TIE Fighter squadrons attacked the Rebel forces soon after they realized that their laser batteries were failing. An order was passed on, to stop all turbolasers from firing, letting the TIEs to do the job, and to avoid Imperial Fighters being shot down by friendly fire.

During the battle, the Rebel casualities were heavy with 90% losses both from station guns and Darth Vader's squadron. When the first bombing run proved unsuccessful, the remaining fighters -- three X-Wings and one Y-Wing -- lined up for the second attempt. Darth Vader pursued and picked them off one by one. To the Rebel Command, all seemed hopeless; time was running out with the Death Star getting into firing position, almost all the fighters were lost and the remaining pilot able to make the run, Skywalker, had senselessly deactivated his targeting computer during his run. Skywalker, however, was advised by the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi to use the Force to make the seemingly impossible shot.

Vader, sensing that the last pilot was strong in the Force, prepared to kill him. However, at the last moment, Han Solo and Chewbacca of the Millennium Falcon surprised Darth Vader and sent him careening out of control into space. Luke made the shot, and with The Force aiding him, his torpedoes entered the port perfectly. The Death Star exploded just seconds before its main gun would have destroyed Yavin 4; Grand Moff Tarkin and most of his staff, including some of the best personnel of the Empire were killed in the explosion. The Rebel Alliance had won a spectacular victory.

Several officers aboard the Death Star survived, including (then-Colonel) Maximillian Veers, General Tagge and General Bast, who originally warned Grand Moff Tarkin of the danger the Rebel fighter attack posed.


As a result of this battle, the Rebel Alliance gained credibility as a legitimate military opponent to the Empire. A few months after the Battle of Yavin, The Empire launched a number of small raids at the Yavin moon, in an attempt to destroy the Core Group of the Rebellion. These raids were carried out by small TIE squadrons launched from a small base near the Yavin system. They often maintain reconnaissance patrols rather than retaliatory attacks. The Rebel Alliance still had to evacuate Yavin 4 to escape retaliation from the Imperial Starfleet and eventually settled on Hoth. The last raid carried out by the Empire was a crushing assault consisting of a planetary blockade and large number of troops, Tie fighters and AT-STs. General Dodonna, mastermind of Yavin's defense, was not able to escape and was captured by Imperial forces and later imprisoned.

The newly launched Executor was dispatched to destroy the Rebel fleet. But Admiral Griff's squadron of Star Destroyers came out of lightspeed and collided with the Executor. By the time the crew regained control, the last Rebel ship jumped into hyperspace.

Only three Rebel pilots escaped with their lives from the battle: Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and an unknown Y-Wing pilot (possibly Keyan Farlander or Horton Salm, though the novel Wraith Squadron may have ruled Salm out).ja:ヤヴィンの戦い


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