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"Candy bar" is the most popular term in the U.S. for confectionery usually packaged in a bar or log form, often coated with chocolate, and sized as a snack for one person. But within that term, a wide variety of products exist, ranging from solid chocolate bars to multiple layerings or mixtures of ingredients such as nuts, fruit, grains in various forms, coconut, marzipan, marshmallow, caramel, nougat, toffee, fondant, and fudge. In British English the term chocolate bar is used, as the word candy is rare in describing sweets.

Up to and including the 19th century, candy of all sorts was typically sold by weight, loose, in small pieces that would be bagged as bought. The introduction of chocolate as something that could be eaten as is, rather than used to make beverages or desserts, resulted in the earliest bar forms, or tablets. At some point, chocolates came to mean any chocolate-covered candies, whether nuts, creams (fondant), caramels, etc. The candy bar evolved from all of these in the late-19th century as a way of packaging and selling candy more conveniently, for both buyer and seller. This "convenience" did not include price, of course, as the buyer had to pay for the packaging. It was considerably cheaper to buy candy loose, or in bulk.

Although chocolate bars and candy bars had their beginnings in the 19th century, it was in the early-20th century that this confectionery commercial venture grew most rapidly. A number of the bars developed then still exist in relatively unchanged form. In the U.S., most candy bars started out priced at a dime, went to a nickel during the Depression, and went back to a dime after World War II. This price remained stable until the late 1960s.

During the first half of the century in the U.S., there were literally thousands of different candy bars being manufactured and distributed locally or regionally by small candy companies. Some of these survive, but a few major manufacturers have taken over the marketplace, buying up smaller companies and reproducing the most popular of their candy bars. Today candy bars are made and consumed all over the world, and manufactured to local tastes and environmental conditions.

Candy bars are one of the common items available from a vending machine.



Candy Bars
Name Where Manufacturer Type Note
3 MusketeersUSAMarsAerated chocolate nougat with milk-chocolate coatingOriginally three flavors of filling – chocolate,vanilla and strawberry (1932) 
5th AvenueUSAHersheyPeanut butter and crunchy toffee with milk chocolateWilliam H. Luden (1936) 
100 Grand BarUSANestlÚCaramel and crisped rice with milk chocolate(1966) 
Abba ZabaUSAAnnabelleTaffy w/ peanut butter center 
Abba Zaba (sour apple)USAAnnabelleApple taffy w/ peanut butter center 
After EightUSANestlÚDark chocolate with mint cream fillingBar form of a European after-dinner mint 
Almond JoyUSAHersheyMilk-chocolate covered coconut with whole almondsThe original version by Peter Paul 
Almond Joy (Dark)USAHersheyAlmond Joy with dark chocolate 
Almond Joy (Pina Colada)USAHersheyPineapple-flavored coconut in chocolateWhite chocolate variant 
AeroCanadaNestlÚFrothy chocolate with flavor "bubbles"Variants - green/mint;  
Baby LobsterExtinct 
Baby RuthUSANestlÚCaramel center with peanuts in milk chocolateCurtiss Candy Co. (1920) 
Big HunkAnnabelleChewy nougat with peanuts 
Bit O' ChocUSASchutter Candy Co.&Chocolate-flavored taffyExtinct 
Bit O' HoneyUSAHoney-flavored taffy with almond bitsSchutter Candy Co. (1924) 
Bonomo's Turkish TaffyUSAGold Medal Candy Co.Hard, flavored "taffy" - vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana(c. 1945) Extinct. Not Turkish, not taffy 
BournvilleUSA, UK, Middle EastCadbury-SchweppesNamed for the corporate home of the company 
BreakawayAustraliaCadbury-SchweppesWafers with chocolate cream in milk chocolate 
Brown PuddingUSALucy Ellen Candy Co.Brown sugar, coconut, cherries, peanut butter, raisins, and spices in milk chocolateExtinct 
Bun BarUSAPearson's Candy Co.vanilla, maple or caramel center with milk chocolate peanut coatingWayne Bun Candy Co. 
ButterfingerUSANestlÚHoneycombed peanut butter center with milk chocolateCurtiss Candy Co. 
Butterfinger BB'sUSANestlÚButterfingers in small round drop form 
Butterfinger CrispUSANestlÚButterfinger with wafer layers 
Cadbury MarbleUK et al.Cadbury-SchweppesMilk and white chocolate with hazelnut/almond praline filling 
Cajeta ElegancitaUSAHershey Foods Corporation 
Caramel Peanut BarGermanyMauxion SchokoladefabrikCaramel, peanuts and nougat in milk chocolateGerman answer to Snickers 
Caramello KoalaAustraliaCadbury-Schweppes 
CaravelleUSAPeter PaulCaramel in milk chocolate with crisped riceExtinct 
Carlos VLatin AmericaNestlÚAlso a white chocolate variant 
Charleston ChewUSA. METootsie Roll IndustriesChocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry variantsFox-Cross Candy Co. (1922) 
Cherry BlossomCanadaLowney's ChocolatesMilk chocolate and coconut shell with liquid cherry center 
Cherry CocktailUSAIdaho Candy CompanyCherry center, covered with chocolate and peanut bits 
Cherry MashUSAChase Candy 
Cherry RipeAustraliaCadbury-SchweppesCherry and coconut bits in chocolate(1924) 
Choclairs BarNeilsenChocolate-covered wafers and filling 
ChokitoAustraliaNestlÚChocolate-covered caramel fudge with crisped rice 
Chicken DinnerUSASperry Candy Co. extinct 
Chick-O-StickUSAAtkinson Candy Co.Honeycombed peanut butter filling with toasted coconut 
ChompAustraliaWafers and caramel in chocolate 
Chubby's CheckerBarUSAThe Last Twist, Inc.Milk and white chocolate in a checkerboard pattern 
ChunkyUSANestlÚMilk chocolate with peanuts and raisinsSilverstein Candy (mid-1930's); named after the owner's "chunky" baby granddaughter 
Cloud NinePhilippines 
Club MintUKJacob'sChocolate-covered cookie with mint cream 
Club SandwichUSASperry Candy Co.Extinct 
Coffee CrispCanadaNestlÚMilk chocolate with wafer crisps and coffee flavoring 
Coffee Crisp OrangeEURNestlÚ 
Cold TurkeyUSASperry Candy Co. extinct 
CollisionMilk chocolate with pretzels 
Cookies 'n' CremeUSAHershey 
Cow TalesUSAGoetze's Candy Co.Chewy caramel with a cream centerPackaged like a cow tail - long thin tube with extra fringe of paper at one end 
Curly WurlyUKCadbury-SchweppesChocolate-covered caramel twirl 
DaimEUR, Middle EastKraft FoodsChocolate over crisp toffeeMade in Sweden 
Dairy MilkUKCadbury-SchweppesNumerous variations 
Denver SandwichUSASperry Candy Co. Extinct 
Dolfin Hot MasalaBelgiumDolfinMilk chocolate with coarsely ground spices: cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, clove and ginger 
Dolfin - othersBelgiumDolfinDark chocolate with: mint leaves; ground coffee; green aniseed; fresh ginger; crystallized orange peel; pink peppercorn; Earl Grey tea; et al. 
Double DeckerUKCadbury-Schweppes 
Dove BarUSAMilk chocolate 
Dream with CooliesAustraliaCadbury-Schweppes 
English CrunchieUSACadbury-Schweppes"Crunchie" in Australia 
Fast BreakUSAHersheyPeanut butter and nougat filling in milk chocolateReese association. In Canada the same bar is called "Sidekick" 
Five Star CaramelUSALake Champlain Chocolates Caramel with almonds and dark chocolate in milk chocolate 
Five Star Fruit & NutUSALake Champlain ChocolatesRaisins and pecans with gianduja chocolate 
Five Star HazelnutUSALake Champlain ChocolatesHazelnut filling with crushed hazelnuts and feuillettine in milk chocolate 
Five Star PeanutUSALake Champlain ChocolatesPeanut butter with white chocolate, peanuts and crisped rice, in milk chocolate 
FlakeUK, USA, AustraliaCadbury-Schweppes 
Forever YoursUSAMarsVanilla nougat and caramel in dark chocolate(early 1930's) Extinct. Once billed as the Vanilla Milky Way, now resurrected as Milky Way Midnight 
Fruit and NutUK, Middle EastCadbury-Schweppes 
Fry's Turkish DelightAustraliaFruit jellies in milk chocolate 
GalaxyWorldwideMarsMilk chocolate bar 
Galaxy CaramelWorldwideMars 
GardenaA. Loacker Co.Chocolate-orange or hazelnut cream filling in wafers covered with milk chocolate 
Golden RoughAustraliaNestlÚMilk chocolate round with coconut 
GoobersUSANestlÚMilk-chocolate covered peanuts 
GooGoo ClusterUSAStandard Candy Co.Marshmallow and caramel in peanuts and thick milk chocolate(1912) Reputedly the first "combination" bar 
Gusto LimoneEUR 
Guylian PralinÚEUR, Middle EastGuylian 
HailUSAHollywood Candy Co.Hazelnuts and milk chocolateExtinct 
Haviland Thin MintUSANECCOPeppermint cream filling in dark chocolate 
Haviland Wintergreen PattyUSANECCOBright pink wintergreen-flavored cream filling in dark chocolate 
Hawaii Grandour 
Hay HayTurkey 
Heath barUSAHersheyCrunchy English-style almond toffee with milk chocolate coatingHeath Candy Co. (1928) 
Hershey barUSAHersheySolid milk chocolatealso Hershey Almond bar (both - 1894) 
Hershey Almond Toffee BarUSAHershey 
Hershey's Creamy CaramelUSAHershey 
Hi-ChuJapanYoghurt, strawberry, apple and grape variants 
Highland ToffeeUKCadbury-Schweppes 
Idaho SpudUSAIdaho Candy Co.Chocolate marshmallow covered with chocolate and coconut (1918) Potato-shaped 
Ivory MountainUKCadbury-SchweppesChocolate with macadamia nuts 
Jacek EURWavel 
Junior MintsUSAHersheySmall peppermint creams in dark chocolate, boxedJames O. Welch Co. (1949) 
Kit KatWorldwideNestlÚWafers in chocolate 
Kit Kat Green TeaJapanNestlÚ 
Kit Kat OrangeNestlÚWafers in orange-flavored chocolate 
Kit Kat StrawberryJapan, CanadaNestlÚWafers in strawberry-flavored chocolate 
Triple-Chocolate Kit KatWorldwideNestlÚChocolate wafers with chocolate filling in chocolate coating 
KrackelUSAHersheyMilk chocolate with crisped rice(1938) 
Liaison UKMarsChocolate with hazelnutsGalaxy Liaison 
LionEUR, Middle East, Australia NestlÚ  
Lion PeanutEUR, Middle East NestlÚ Chocolate-covered nougat, crisps and peanuts 
Lobster Pattyextinct 
MaestroSaudi Arabia▄lkerChocolate over peanut butter nougat 
M&M'sUSAMarsSmall rounds of milk chocolate in candy shellsAlso a dark chocolate variant 
M&M's AlmondUSAMarsMilk-chocolate covered almonds in candy shells 
M&M's PeanutUSAMarsMilk-chocolate covered peanuts in candy shells Also a dark chocolate variant 
M&M's variantsUSAMarsPeanut butter; dulce de leche; crisp; mint; 
Mallo CupUSA Boyer Candy Co.Whipped marshmallow-cream filling in milk chocolate cupsMallo Play Money included in package 
MarathonUSATwisted caramel in milk chocolate(1974) Extinct 
MarathonUKPeanut butter nougat with caramel and peanuts in milk chocolate(1990) Extinct, now Snickers 
Mars BarUSA, AustraliaMarsVanilla nougat with almonds and milk chocolate(1936) Extinct in USA - Snickers Almond substituted 
Mars BarUKMarsNougat-like chocolate mousse topped with caramel and coated in chocolate 
Mars Bar LavaAustraliaMarsOrange-flavored nougat center 
Mary JaneUSANECCOPeanut butter and molassesCharles N. Miller Co. - named after Miller's aunt (1914) 
MilkaGermanySuchard Tobler VertriebsMilk chocolate with hazelnut, peanut and almond pastes incorporated"Alpine Milk" 
Milka WafeliniEUR, Middle EastKraft FoodsMilk-chocolate covered, filled wafersExample at hand is made in France 
Milk ShakeUSAHollywood Candy Co.Chocolate nougat and caramel in milk chocolate(c. 1920s) Extinct 
Milky WayUSAMarsChocolate nougat with caramel in chocolate coating(1923) 
Milky WayUKMarsWhipped nougat in chocolate coating 
Milo BarAustraliaNestlÚ 
Mint CrispAfricaCadbury-Schweppes 
Mint PattieAustraliaNestlÚSoft mint nougat in milk chocolate 
M-MazingUSAMarsMilk chocolate with mini-M&M'sVariant with peanut butter M&M's 
Mountain Bar 
NECCO WafersUSANECCOSugar wafers in assorted flavors and colors, packed as a tube(1912) 
NestlÚ CrunchUSANestlÚChocolate with crisped rice(1938) 
NestlÚ Milk ChocolateUSANestlÚsolid milk chocolatealso NestlÚ Milk Chocolate with Almonds (both - 1919), originally Swiss 
NestlÚ WhiteUSANestlÚWhite chocolate 
Nougat Honey LogAustraliaEurope 
Nut GoodieUSAPearson's Candy Co.(1912) Just after the GooGoo
Nut LoversUSAHershey 
NutrageousUSAHersheyPeanut butter, caramel, and peanuts in milk chocolateReese association 
Oh Henry!USAHersheyCaramel fudge center with peanuts and milk chocolate coatingWilliamson Candy Co. (1920), Now with a white chocolate variant 
Old FaithfulUSAIdaho Candy CompanyMarshmallow center, covered with chocolate and whole peanuts 
MoundsUSAHersheyCoconut covered with dark chocolatePeter Paul (1922) 
Mr. GoodbarUSAHersheyPeanuts in granular milk chocolate(1925) 
PayDayUSAHersheyCaramel fudge center with salted peanutsHollywood Candy Co. (1932) 
Peanut ChewUSAGoldenberg Candy Co. 
PenguinUKMcVitie'sMilk-chocolate covered biscuit filled with chocolate cream"Make your Penguin last longer - refuse to eat it until it learns algebra" 
PepCanadaNeilsenDark chocolate with peppermint cream filling 
Peppermint CrispAustraliaNestlÚPeppermint "cracknel" in milk chocolate 
PicnicAustraliaCadbury-SchweppesPeanuts, caramel, wafers and crisped rice in milk chocolate"Unpack a Picnic" 
Planters PeanutUSAPeanuts in hard toffee(c. 1930) 
Polly WaffleAustraliaNestlÚMarshmallow-filled wafers in milk chocolate 
Reese's Peanut Butter CupsUSAHersheyPeanut butter filling in milk chocolateVariants - white or dark chocolate coating 
Reese's PiecesUSAHersheySmall rounds of peanut butter filling in candy coatingMade famous in 1978 when Stephen Spielberg couldn't get M&M's for E.T. 
Reggie barUSAPeanuts and caramel in a mound shape, in milk chocolateExtinct; named after baseball player Reggie Jackson 
RelaxSyriaChocolate-covered wafers with hazelnut cream 
RoloUSAHersheyIndividual soft caramels coated in milk chocolate, packed as a tube 
SafariMalaysia, Saudi ArabiaGrandour 
SaharaMalaysia, Saudi ArabiaGrandourChocolate covered wafer with peanuts 
Sesame BarAustraliaEurope 
Shore DinnerUSALucy Ellen Candy Co.Pecans, cashews and coconut in milk chocolateExtinct 
SkorUSAHersheyCrunchy butter toffee in milk chocolateHershey's Heath bar before it bought Heath 
SkyBarUSANECCO4 sections: caramel, vanilla, peanut butter and fudge fillings, milk chocolate coating(1937) 
SmoothieUSABoyer's Candy Co.Peanut butter filling in a crunchy peanut butter cupBy the makers of Mallo Cups 
SnickersWorldwideMarsPeanut butter nougat with caramel and peanuts in milk chocolate(1930) Named after a horse. Current variants – almond, hazelnut, "Cruncher"  
Squirrel Nut ZipperUSANECCOCaramel peanut chewaka Squirrel Nut Chew, Squirrel Brand Co. (1888) 
StrikerMiddle East 
SudanSaudi ArabiaGrandourChocolate-covered nougat with peanut and caramel center 
Sugar BabiesUSATootsie Roll IndustriesSoft caramel ballsJames O. Welch Co. (1935) 
Sugar DaddyUSATootsie Roll IndustriesCaramel suckerJames O. Welch Co. (1926) 
Sugar MamaUSAJames O. Welch Co.Chocolate-covered caramel sucker(1935) Extinct 
Summer RollAustraliaEuropePeanuts and nougat rolled in milk chocolate and coconut 
Take FiveLayer of caramel and peanut butter over pretzels and peanuts in milk chocolateWhite chocolate variant 
Time OutAustraliaCadbury-SchweppesWafers with a Flake center, covered in milk chocolateVariant with dark chocolate 
Tin LarinLatin AmericaNestlÚWafers and peanut butter in chocolate 
Toffee CrispUKNestlÚCrisped rice and soft caramel in milk chocolate 
ToffifayGermanyStorckCaramel with nougat and hazelnuts in milk chocolate 
Tofi LukSaudi Arabia 
ToggiSwitzerland, EUR, Middle EastKńgi S÷hne, AGWafers in chocolateAlso Toggi Coco variant 
Top DeckAfricaCadbury-SchweppesWhite and Dark Chocolate 
TopicHazelnuts, nougat and caramel in milk chocolate 
Tortina MiniItaly 
Twin BingUSAPalmer Candy Co.Cherry cream center with chocolate/peanut coating(1931 - Bing Bar) Sold in pairs since the 1950s 
U-NO Bar 
ValomilkUSASifers Candy Co.Liquid marshmallow filling in milk chocolate cups 
Violet CrumbleAustraliaNestlÚHoney-combed sugar center in milk chocolate"It's the way it shatters that matters! Originally, Hoadley's Chocolates (1923) 
WalnettosUSAWalnut toffee chewsOriginally a penny candy (c.1920) 
Welch's FudgeUSAJames O. Welch Co.Chocolate fudge bar with chocolate coating(1927) Extinct 
WhatchamacallitUSAHersheyChocolate peanut crisp and caramel in milk chocolate 
White NightAustraliaNestlÚChewy mint nougat in milk chocolate 
White RabbitChina, Philippines 
WispaUK/IrelandCadbury-Schweppes(2003) Extinct (successor: Dairy Milk Bubbly) 
Wonka Mud SludgeAustraliaFudge center in chocolate 
WunderbarCanadaCadbury-SchweppesCaramel and crunchy peanut butter filling in milk chocolate"C'est carachidÚbile!" 
York Peppermint PattieUSAHersheyPeppermint cream filling in dark chocolate 
Zagnut BarUSANECCOPeanut butter crunch with toasted coconutD. L. Clark Co. 
Zero BarUSAHersheyChocolate nougat, almonds and caramel in white coatingHollywood Candy Co. (c. 1930) Coating originally white chocolate 


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